Honestly, Do Collagen Supplements Work?

People hear and read about collagen and its regenerative abilities, how it improves skin elasticity, and even that it helps with weight loss.

Of course, after learning about all the things that it does, it’s natural to ask why and how do collagen supplements work. This is especially true amongst people who have only just learned about the benefits of supplements or have recently started supplementation.Do Collagen Supplements Work

To find out how and if it works, we will take a deeper look at the products in detail. We will look at the different types that are available in supplements, how it works in weight loss, and its benefits for the skin as a whole.

There are three types and each is beneficial in its own unique way.


This type is the best absorbed because it is also the lightest. It is also the closest in its make-up to human collagen, which makes it an excellent oral supplement for both regeneration and to prevent the signs of aging.


This is the densest type, which makes it difficult to be absorbed if taken as an oral supplement. However, it is excellent for creams because the skin easily absorbs it. If paired with the marine type, the appearance of the skin can improve quite noticeably.


This is the type that is the most similar to skin collagen, but is generally only effective when taken as an injection. This is the type that celebrities have made famous, however treatments are expensive and do not provide any permanent effects and numerous rounds of injections are needed to maintain appearance.

In short, the question of, “Do collagen supplements work?” can be answered with a firm yes. The only trick to the use of supplements is being sure that the right supplements are being taken for the desired effects.

Now that we have the basics out of the way, it’s time to discuss the weight loss benefits of supplements.

Supplements do work to help with weight loss, and are certainly much more healthy than jumping on and off of fad diets that can cause adverse reactions which sometime result in rebounding back to the old weight and maybe a little extra.

To begin with how it helps; our bodies have a large amount of collagen because it’s essential in the regulation and sustenance of our cells. Its used to replicate and regenerate cells, and repair the tissues of tendons, tissues in joints, and skin.

This process is how supplements help with weight loss. All of this creating, regenerating, and process of maintaining healthy tissues uses energy, and the creation of that energy expends fat, thus playing a role in weight loss.

So, do collagen supplements work?

Yes they do. However, the supplements need to be taken appropriately and the right form of the supplement needs to be used for it to be effective.

If taken correctly, supplements will help the body resist the signs of aging, help with maintaining joint tissue health, and even providing weight loss benefits.